Something is wrong with the training and I can’t load it or complete a lesson.

    • Please use the latest version of Google Chrome for the best learning experience.

I completed the lesson, but it is not marked complete. 

    • You must receive a minimum score of 80% on each lesson quiz or challenge to have the lesson marked and complete – please check your score closely. 

Incomplete topic alert. I cannot proceed in the lesson.

    • Inside the lesson, click on the “Menu” link at the top and make sure the page link is gray. Links to completed pages are gray while links to incomplete pages are white.

I don’t know my enrollment key. My enrollment key or student number doesn’t work. 

    • Please contact your training administrator to confirm your enrollment key. 

Audio or videos are not loading properly.

    • Please try taking the lesson using one of our recommended browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Although the lessons will work on other browsers, we have found these browsers to be most reliable.

When I click on the “Launch Lesson” link nothing happens. 

    • The course is likely open in a hidden window. Minimize or close all open windows for all programs until the hidden window appears. 

The course content will not load. 

    • Please make use Google Chrome whenever possible. The materials are optimized for Chrome.

The wrong name is shown when I log in or view my certificate. 

    • Please email tech support at info@onqsafety.com with the username and email (for non-highschool students) you used to login.